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An annual charity poker event for MS Research



Friends of Joey Renda 2019
From the 2019 Event




Towards the Tisch MS Research

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Friends of Joey Renda 2012
2012: The First Year

This year: Online Tournament, Saturday, October 16th, 2021!!

Tournament Starts 7pm EST

(Practice FREE game the night before, Friday, October 15th)

Dear Friends and Family:

As you may know, we look forward each year to helping raise money for the Tisch MS Research Center of NY at this event, as well as having the opportunity to gather with friends and family to share food, drink, and laughter as we come together for a fun night of games and raffles.

That being said, we are happy to announce that we will be having an online Friends of Joey Renda Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament. The tournament will follow the same format as in the years past and players can participate on any smart phone, iPad, or Tablet. Please follow the instructions below to participate in the tournament.

If you choose not to play or are unable to join us, but would like to donate, we would appreciate your donation.  Last year’s online tournament was a HUGE success, and everyone had a lot of fun.

$50 buy in for the tournament, $50 rebuys (Unlimited), up to Round 8 (no Rebuys after this round).

To play, click the link below to PayPal the donation.

After that, Download the PokerBros. Create a user name (please use your name so we can match it to PayPal), click on the magnifying glass/search button. “Join a Club” window appears, enter the Room 46528 in the Enter Club ID line and leave Referrer ID line empty, as it indicates. Another “Join a Club” window appears verifying your user name, then click “Join”. Return to the original screen and click on the Hollywood Aces club, ID 46528. Click on the Joe Renda Tourney to register.   Use Paypal for buyins and rebuys for the tournament as indicated.   Enjoy!

Contact Tom Malloy (EMAIL) if you have any questions.

Prizes are:

1st: $500
2nd: $350
3rd: $250
4th: $150
5th: $100

To Sign up, click HERE:

Friends of Joey Renda Sign Up

For all other donations, or signups, all checks should be made payable to Friends of Joey Renda and mailed to the following address:

Maria Renda

11 Pearl Street

Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Thank you in advance for your support and participation! Have a great year and stay healthy and safe.

Thank you to all who attended the 8th Annual Friends of Joey Renda Cards for a Cure Poker Tournament!
We raised $24,000 in one night, making our 8 year total
$213,500 donated to the fight against MS!!!
See you next October!


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